Control Your Heat Pump From Your Smart Phone

Control Your Heat Pump From Your Smart Phone

21st Jun 2022

Wi-Fi controllers can be added onto many existing Mitsubishi heat pumps and all new ones.

Turn the heat pump on using your phone before you leave work and arrive home to a warm house.

Furthermore if you forget to turn the heat pump off when you head out for the day, simply turn it off from your SmartPhone.

Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Controller Features

  • Turn heat pumps on/off
  • Change temperature
  • Switch modes
  • Change fan speeds
  • Change airflow direction
  • Develop temperature rules using the 7 day timer

Room Temperature Limits

Using advanced technology, the heat pump senses when the room temperature drops below the set minimum temperature It then automatically turns on to ensure the minimum temperature is maintained. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, you can rest assured your family will stay warm this winter.

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