SmartVent Home Ventilation Systems in Christchurch

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SmartVent systems keep fresh air flowing through your home.  They help provide a healthy environment to live in and use industry leading technology.  All installations come with five-year warranty. To help beat the damp winter nights in Christchurch, the temperature and humidity sensor technology work together to reduce condensation.

Which SmartVent is best for my home?

There are several types of SmartVent systems. These systems have been developed for the New Zealand climate. So they all provide better air for your Christchurch home. And this means better health for those inside your home.  Some of these systems offer additional features such as sensors to detect humidity.  Optional upgrades for heat transfers or inline heaters are available.

As accredited installers, we can help you choose the best system for your home and budget.  When we do a free site inspection and quote, we measure up the rooms in your house.  At the same time, we identify the best locations for the vents, sensors and control panel.  We find the perfect SmartVent ventilation solution for your home.

Is SmartVent suitable for my rental property?

Yes.  SmartVent Lite ventilation system is specially designed for New Zealand landlords.  It is a cost effective positive pressure ventilation system that introduces fresh filtered air from the roof cavity.

What makes this system so good for my rental property?  Firstly, knowing that the system controller be locked by property owners.  This prevents tenants from switching it off.  Secondly, the system allows tenants to adjust fan speeds.   And thirdly and most importantly, you get affordable access to a basic ventilation system.  Because it will help protect your investment property as well as your tenants, it is just what you need.

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