Lossnay Ducting for 4 Rooms 150 mm ducting, R0.6 insulation

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$75.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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This listing is for the supply only of a Lossnay ducting package suitable for 4 rooms.  The ducting is all R0.6 insulated.


This ducting is compatible with the following Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay units

  • LGH-25
  • LGH-35
  • VL-350 with VL-350 Ducting Add-on
  • VL-250 with VL-250 Ducting Add-on

Items Included

  • 4x supply air circular grilles 150 mm diameter
  • 1x return air grille square 200x200 mm egg crate grille with 150 mm spigot
  • 1x fresh air circular grilles 150 mm diameter
  • 1x stale air exhaust circular grilles 150 mm diameter
  • R0.6 insulated flexible ducting
    • 7x 6m lengths
    • 2x 3m lengths
  • 1x 150mm Y branch
  • 1x 150mm double branch take off (W) branch
  • Duct tape - reinforced Alu Foil acrylic adhesive 48mm x 50m
  • Duct tape - plastic duct white 48 mm x 30m

Need An Additional Duct?

If you need another duct, then also order Extra 150 mm Duct Bundle

Supply Only (Anywhere in NZ)

  • The ducting can be collected from our workshop in Sydenham, Christchurch, NZ
  • Shipping is available to urban addresses in NZ
  • It takes approximately 7 days for order fulfillment

Need Some Help Choosing?

If you need a hand choosing the best Lossnay for your property or need a hand with ducting design, please fill out the form below and one of our team will contact you.  If you can send us your house plans then we can help you more promptly.

Supply & Install* (Christchurch, Rangiora & Selwyn District)

  • The installation is carried out by our staff who are certified Mitsubishi Electric installers. 
  • We provide you with an electrical certificate for the installation, which will be completed by one of our Registered Electricians

Free Quote

Please contact us to arrange a free site inspection and quote in Christchurch, Rangiora or the Selwyn District. It's also really handy if you can email us a copy of your house plans so that we can design the ducting layout.

We will do a site inspection to confirm that the Lossnay is the correct size for the room and to confirm the locations where the unit and vents will be installed.

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