A New Heat Pump the Easy Way

A New Heat Pump the Easy Way

21st Jun 2022

We think that getting a new heat pump should be easy and understandable. That’s why we have this easy to follow process and our heat pump prices include installation*.


Step 1 Contact Us or Order Heat Pump Online 

(Yes, You Can See Our Heat Pump Prices)

The first question our heat pump clients usually ask is how much will it cost? You are probably asking the same question. That’s why we’ve created this online shop so that you can see our heat pump prices, and you can purchase online. Our prices include a brand new heat pump along with a standard back to back* installation of the heat pump. If you need help selecting the best heat pump to meet your needs then fill out our Request Quote form and we’ll arrange a time to come and see you then send you a quote.

* A standard back to back install is when the inside and outside units of the heat pump are just through an external wall from each other, in a single storey building.

Step 2 We Do A Site Inspection

After you have requested a quote or purchased your heat pump online, we will do a site inspection to confirm the locations of the indoor and outdoor units. If the installation requires more piping (because the indoor and outdoor units will be further apart) or a condensation pump (because the indoor unit is on an internal wall and requires one) we will provide you a quote for the additional installation costs, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the job.

Step 3 We Book Installation

Next we will book in a time to install the heat pump, and send you an email confirming the day and time. Allow a full day for us to do the installation although we usually have the heat pump up and running in less than 8 hours.

Step 4 We Install Heat Pump

Our staff will arrive promptly and get to work. Our installations are carried out by our staff who are certified Mitsubishi heat pump installers. They will do a very tidy, professional job. You will be provided with the user manuals for the heat pump. An Electrical Code of Compliance (COC) from one of our Registered Electricians and a Tax Invoice will be emailed to you.

Job done! Easy.

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