Mitsubishi FH25 3.0 kW Hypercore Heat Pump | Supply & Installation*

$3,099.00 $2,599.00
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Heating Capacity:
4.0 kW
Cooling Capacity:
3.5 kW

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This listing is for the supply and back to back* install of a brand new Mitsubishi FH25 Hypercore High Wall Heat Pump. It has a heating capacity of 3.2 kW and a cooling capacity of 2.5 kW.

This heat pump is suitable for a room approx 6 m x 4 m (by 2.4 m high).

The installation is carried out by our staff who are certified Mitsubishi heat pump installers. This price is for installation of a heat pump in Christchurch City.

We provide you with an Electrical Code of Compliance Certificate for the installation, which will be completed by one of our Registered Electricians after they have connected the heat pump to the switchboard.

The heat pump comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and we will provide you with the product manuals that come with the heat pump.

This heat pump is compatible with the Mitsubishi Wi-Fi Heat Pump Control. 

After buying this heat pump, we will do a site inspection to confirm that the heat pump is the correct size for the room and to confirm the locations where the indoor and outdoor units will be installed and we will book in the time for the installation.

Boasting the latest in technological innovation, the new Deluxe FH25 HyperCore High Wall sets a new standard in high performance customised comfort. Unique Hypercore® Technology assures the Deluxe FH25 Hypercore High Wall will continue to perform at its fully rated capacity right down to -15°C; providing you with heat when you need it most. This heat pump is ideal if you are looking to heat a smaller room and you live in frosty or high humidity area.

* This price is for a back to back installation where the indoor and outdoor units are just through the outside wall from each other in a single level building.    Additional costs apply when the units are further apart. We will advise you of this when we do our site inspection. If a condensate pump is required, then we will advise you of this also.

5 year parts and labour manufacturer's warranty