EVNEX Single Phase 7 kW Mode 3 EV Charger with Type 2 Tethered - Supply & Install

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This listing is for the supply & installation of an EVNEX Single Phase 7 kW Mode 3 EV Charger with Type 2 tethered lead.  Our installation allows for mounting the EV charge system within 5 metres of the switchboard, and allows for surface mounting the cables in conduit in a garage.  There may be an additional charge for through wall cables or longer distances between the charge station and the switchboard.  Please contact us for a free site inspection and quote in Christchurch, Rolleston or Darfield.  

Make charging your EV a breeze at home or work with a dedicated EV charger right where you park your car.  The mobile app on your phone gives you complete control about when you charge the car and allows the charge station to be locked if you don't want others helping themselves to your power!

EVNEX chargers are designed in Christchurch, New Zealand with leading edge technology and a focus on sustainability. 

Easily configure charging stations from your mobile device.

E Series charging stations can be configured via our mobile app securely, without the need for USB drives or Ethernet cables.

Need a hand choosing the right charge station for your vehicle?

This handy chart from the EVNEX team will help you figure that out. 


  • Charging capacity 7.4 kW, 32A single phase
  • Cable configuration - external type 2 tethered lead
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile app for configuration from your phone
  • Basic installation


Our team of Registered Electricians are experienced EV Charger installers.  Contact us to arrange a free site inspection and customised quote for installation of your EV charger in Christchurch, Darfield or Rolleston.