EV Charging

We can install electric vehicle EV charging systems in Christchurch so you can charge your car at home… or at work

Electric vehicle EV chargers allow you to safely and efficiently charge your electric vehicle at home or work.  The right solution for you will depend on:

  • the electric vehicle (EV) that you have
  • the power supply options available at the building
  • how quickly you need to charge the car

Our Registered Electricians can provide you with electric vehicle charging options and prices for your particular situation.  As professional electricians, our solutions meet the electrical regulations and also give you peace of mind that your car is being charged safely.

EV Charging Solutions for New Builds

If you are building a new home in Christchurch, you need to consider your future EV charging requirements.  It’s much more cost effective for us to run a cable for an electric vehicle charger when the house is built than doing it a year or two later.  That way you can choose when to have the EV charger easily installed.

Christchurch Businesses and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Do you need EV charging systems at your business?  We can help with designing solutions that can be installed right now or scaled up later as your EV fleet grows.

We listen, understand your requirements, and suggest a range of solutions to suit you. As a locally owned and operated business, the most important thing to us is that you are happy with the work. Our highly skilled team are ready to help so call us now on 03 371 7434.